We are nature lovers, ocean ambassadors, philanthropists and entrepreneurs living on a tiny island and trying to make this a better world.

We love this place. We explore, freedive, kitesurf, swim and melt with the local culture. The Turks & Caicos Islands have everything you can wish for. From crystal clear waters, amazing wildlife to magical marine life. Hang around with Jojo the local wild dolphin, freedive with resident caribbean reef sharks, glide through the seagrass bed with the friendly turtles and experience closer encounters with the majestic humpback whales. Our challenge is to keep this beautiful island as pristine as possible for future generations.

Our challenge is to inspire a new era in reusing, recycling and promoting locally made products to reduce the impact of carbon footprint and aim for a self – sustainable island.

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Our Initiative:

The initiative named “Proud of my Island” consists of the creation of affordable reusable and recyclable shopping bags. The bags will feature unique landmarks, cultural heritage, wildlife and marine life of the island that would appeal to both visitors to take back home as a souvenir and for residents to use them with pride. The project is an inspiration to get to know our island better, to strengthen the pride of belonging to TCI that has been blessed by God, and a call to become owners of what we have, of those attributes that identify us as an island and that make us unique in the world.
Partnership Program 
By becoming a partner your logo will be featured in the bags, you will get social media recognition and mention in the local newspaper, radio and local magazines for the launch of the bags
Proud of my Island Partner Benefits
COVID-19 victims in TCI 
Promote the island abroad 
Bring environmental awareness
Our Goal 
Collect funds through the sale of the bags to support local non-profits that advance education, environmental protection and assistance to people in need, particularly those affected by the pandemic. (*)
At a local level, get to know TCI, be proud of what we have and bring environmental awareness. At an international level, visitors will take the bag home as a souvenir and reuse, creating direct advertisements for the island.
$ 0
• $2500 for a 2×2 inches space on the side of bag.
• Complimentary 20 bags.
$ 0
• $5000 for a 2×4 inches space on the side of bag.
• Complimentary 50 bags.
$ 0
• $10000 for a 4×4 inches space on the side of bag (availability based on demand of sponsors).
• Complimentary 100 bags.

Our first collection

Brown Pelican

Throughout the planet there are only eight species of pelican, making us incredibly blessed to have the Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) as a common sight in Turks and Caicos.

Having the Brown Pelican gracing our shores is made extra special by it being an excellent example of species recovery from one that was once on the brink of extinction. Seen as a comically elegant bird; clumsy on land, yet so graceful in flight, rising and falling as they glide along the coastline just inches above the water. While the smallest of the family, it is also one of only two species that feed by plunge-diving at high speed into the water to catch their prey. You can witness this spectacle along Grace Bay and all over the TCI.

This image of a Brown Pelican showing its oversized bill and sinuous neck was taken on the water’s edge at Half Moon Bay on Little Water Cay. The adult Pelican is basking in the first light of the day and the photograph was captured nice and close with a wide-angle lens. Be sure that spotting TCI’s National Bird in all its glory is on your must to do list while visiting the islands.
Kim Mortimer Photography

West Harbour Bluff (The Split)

Hidden on the remote southwest coast of Providenciales, West Harbour Bluff is a highly-scenic attraction in the Frenchman’s Creek and Pigeon Pond Nature Reserve, and brings together geology, flora and fauna, and history. This special coastal area complements the nature reserve, and adds to the natural diversity that makes the protected region a jewel in the Turks and Caicos.

Part of what makes West Harbour Bluff exceptional are the details. There’s Split Rock with its osprey nest, the small cave that has a secret access to the ocean and where Lucayan artefacts were once found, the historical rock inscriptions on the cliffs above left by shipwrecked sailors, a secluded beach, and fascinating wildlife. There’s always something interesting to see. Ospreys, brown pelicans, and white-tailed tropic birds glide by, sharks, stingrays, and eagle rays can be seen from the cliffs, and in the distance on the horizon is West Caicos and the breaking waves at distant West Reefs. Bonefish Point, a sandy spit of land nearby, is another beautiful spot close by, and supports thatch palm forests, starfish, and calm water.

It’s important that West Harbour Bluff is protected and preserved for future generations. As part of a nature reserve, fishing, the taking of any natural or historical object, graffiti, and vandalism is illegal.
Agile Levin

Thanks to our partners Waste TCI, Blue Heron Aviation, Visit TCI, Freedivewithme, Marine Upholstery Express and Ocean Frontiers TCI we made this initiative possible to keep the island healthy and sustainable for future generations. Special thanks to the TC National Trust for trusting and believing in us and our initiative, and for keeping their mission and vision alive: protect, preserve and promote the cultural historic and natural heritage of the TCI.

In May 2019, the Turks & Caicos Government took a huge turn and officially imposed a ban on plastic bags and single-use products. For us, this was like a wish come true.
So yes, we got inspired and saw reusable bags as the perfect vehicle to keep spreading what matters to us. We went above and beyond and loving what we know, we decided to pursue this simple yet essential idea. We got together with local photographers to find the perfect image, one that would feature either unique landmarks, cultural heritage, wildlife or marine life of the Turks & Caicos Islands.
And as you might agree with us, selecting the images was hard enough as all of them were beautiful and worth of showing. In the end, we accomplished our mission.
Somehow, we needed one more step to close the circle and that’s when we realized we could help people in need in times of pandemic through this, our perfect vehicle.

“As you develop your awareness in nature, you begin to see how we influence all life and how all life influences us. A key and critical feature for us to know” –

Tony Ten Fingers ~ Wanbli Nata’u ~ Oglala Lakota

Proud of my Island is an inspiration to “love what you know”, get to know our island better, strengthen the pride of belonging and a call to be part of the natural resources that identify us as an island and that make us unique in the world. 

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